The Passion of Racing

Racing has been one of man's greatest passions for a long time now. From the first recorded auto race in the mid-19th century to modern-day Formula One or Nascar racing, the exhilaration and adrenaline that comes with navigating roads at high speeds in beautifully engineered machines is second to very little. That's what we're about.

Everyone Is Welcome

What's great about the racing community at large is its sense of community and inclusiveness. As long as you've got a good attitude and come ready to race, you'll find a group of people more than happy to welcome you into our club. There's nothing more satisfying than hanging out with a union of like-minded individuals who share your enthusiasm for racing.

Japanese, Classic and American Muscle

What's your favorite race car? The Mazda 787B, the first Japanese auto to ever win the prestigious Le Mans race? Or maybe the Corvette L88, whose chassis survived six consecutive Le Mans', another record? Or is it a vehicle out of Ferrari's legendary roster, such as the classic 1949 Ferrari 166 MM Touring Barchetta (which could be yours for a cool $2 million)?. While we specialize in Japanese cars, if that isn't your particular flavor of machine, we've also got groups of folks racing classic vehicles and American muscle cars.

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Safety First

Despite the dangers inherent in racing, the thrill it provides is one-of-a-kind. Still, this means that safety needs to be an essential consideration in all motor sports. Our focus is not just racing, but safe racing. While it's impossible to fully eliminate the risks involved with auto racing, a lot can be done to mitigate it, and that is important to us. If you get in a car accident racing we can help you sell your junk car through Ecology Cash For Cars San Diego or if you opt to use another company there are additional companies that can help you sell your car.

Join our team

Experience is the best teacher, and that adage is doubly true when it comes to racing. Every great car has its little quirks, and that's just a small bit of what a great race car driver needs to master to be, well, great.

Better way to master racing

There is no better way to master racing than to join a racing group and share in the all the knowledge accumulated across all its members, especially when it comes to categories of cars like Japanese ones, our specialty.

Do you have a great attitude? Are you ready to race? Than join us, and experience racing on another level.